Hi Everyone! I hope the beginning of 2021 is treating you well! 

I am so excited to announce that I have a launch of new items today!!! After months of talking to you, planning, and crafting, I am so so excited to show you what I have been working on.

The suspense has been killing me!!!

I wanted to take a second to share about these new pouches with you, including some behind the scenes photos and what inspired this collection.

So, what inspired this launch?? My scrap bag!! As a company that tries to limit waste none of my scraps go into the garbage, they all get stored away to be recycled. I create lots of larger scraps too, which are too big for me to let go of but not big enough for a full item. With this color-blocked pouch collection, I've taken those scraps and given them new life by adding embroidery and pairing them with other fabrics to create one of a kind pieces that I hope you love! 

I am reusing these scraps to keep them out of landfills, which are historically full of textile waste, in an effort to care for that planet that we have been blessed with. I try my best to maintain a socially responsible company by sourcing my materials ethically and being transparent with customers, and this felt like a great way to continue that mission.

Check out the pieces below, and head over to shop the pouches HERE!

A Look Behind the Scenes!

Each pouch started with a piece of embroidered saint inspired fabric or some trimmings (in the case of the St. Zelie inspired pouch)


Then I pieced together each pouch front, added a back and voila! I was nervous to try something different, but I really love how each of the different pouches turned out!


You can take a look at the whole collection HERE!



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