Celebrating Christmas All Season Long!

Merry Christmas!!

Yesterday we welcomed baby Jesus into our hearts and homes! Below are a few ideas to celebrate this coming of Christ from Christmas day through the Epiphany with your family in a meaningful and fun way.


Although baking cookies is most definitely a year-round activity (at least for me), it can be especially exciting during the Christmas season. Delegating different tasks like mixing batter and measuring flour is a great way to keep them engaged in an age-appropriate manner -- everyone can contribute in a safe and productive way. Kids can also connect with their grandparents and extended families by baking recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Turn on some Christmas music (see our last post here!) and have fun!


Celebrating the different feasts of the Christmas season are a great way to connect with the holiday in a universal way… through food! These can include The Feast of the Holy Family or the Feast of Mary Mother of God, to name a few. Some families choose to serve traditional food that resembles what Mary and Joseph ate, or you can celebrate with food that is meaningful to your family or culture. 


You and your family can represent the journey of the wise men to visit baby Jesus using your nativity set. Start at one end of a room or your house and move towards the manger with the Holy Family, eventually arriving and presenting gifts. Not only will your kiddos get a better understanding of the meaning of Christmas, but also a little extra exercise running back and forth.


In the spirit of giving and thankfulness, you and your family can give a charitable donation (of any size, it doesn’t have to be big!!) on each of the twelve days of Christmas. Our family supports Children of the Immaculate Heart, an organization that combats Human Trafficking among young people. They are linked HERE if you and your family decide that you want to support their mission this Christmas season. 

Again, Merry Christmas, and I wish you a happy new year! My family and I are praying for your continued health and happiness in the upcoming year.



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