How to use Holy Cards for Little Hands

Holy cards for little kids? Yes!

Holy Cards for Little Hands are the easiest way to bring the faith into your families everyday life. There's no prep-work involved, everything you need to share the saints with your kiddos is right there on the card!

Here are 5 ways to use Holy Cards for Little Hands with your kiddos everyday!

1. Embrace your little ones "active" prayer habits!

Because these holy cards are made from ultra think 18pt card stock with a soft-touch lamination on both sides they are ready to be held during prayer time. We like to use card holders to allow our girls to use the cards "Montessori style" by arranging our prayer space as they like.

2. Create a sensory experience of the saints!

Children take in so much information from their sense of touch. How often do you catch yourself asking them to stop touching everything?! The soft touch coating on these holy cards means they are delightful to hold and touch which further invites your kids to take a closer look at the image of each saint. Each image is also created with young children in mind with elements of each image that speak to the saints story and culture.

3. Read stories of the saints that delight and inspire!

The back of each card has a simplified version of the saint's story that gets to the essence of the Saints mission from God in a way that little ones are able to understand and be inspired by.

4. Elevate your homeschool religion curriculum!

Holy Cards for Little Hands make a perfect hands-on addition to your homeschool religion curriculum! They a perfect for hands-on learning about the saints, for intentional discovery, and are perfect for your Montessori schoolroom.

5. Increase memory and recognition of the saints!

My girls love to guess which saint is which just by looking at the pictures. We play a game where they guess who's picture is on the front of the card and then I read the story on the back of the card slowwly allowing them to fill in the parts of the story that they remember. I love this especially because it shows me what parts of the story they are remembering as well as any themes that they are drawing out as we read through several in a row.




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