Liturgical Living - A How-To

You’ve probably heard about the term liturgical living. It’s kind of a catholic buzzword right now… But what’s the point, and why would you bother?

Well…. If I can give my two cents on the topic :) Liturgical living, however you choose to do it, is a concrete way to live your faith daily. It allows you to take what we believe, and what we are taught in church, and bring it into our lives in a meaningful and real way. This is important especially when you have children because it makes the faith real and fun for them!

To bring liturgical living into your daily life doesn’t need mean you need to do anything crazy. I know things are crazy busy (even if you don’t have kids!) and life isn’t going to slow down, so I would encourage you to do special things are you are able.

I have put together some great resources that are perfect ean on when it comes to incorporating liturgical living into your family!

Photo Courtesy of Telos Art

Photo Courtesy of Telos Art

These liturgical calendars by Telos Art are so beautifully designed and would look absolutely lovely hanging in your home! The liturgical seasons are shown by their seasonal color in the outer circle, and she’s included holy days of obligation as well so you won’t forget :) All of our favorite feast days are listed at the bottom of the calendar, so you can know who’s special day is coming at a glance.


This book is such a wealth of knowledge! Kendra dives into all of our favorite feast days, she shares the fun traditions her family does to make the church year come alive in their home. My favorite is to see what she suggests as a meal for each feast day, she’s really come up with a ton of creative ideas! The compendium is also chock full of tons of activities and craft ideas that are good for a wide range of ages so we find lots of ideas that we are able to do with our three-year-old!

Photo Courtesy of Jenna Hines

Photo Courtesy of Jenna Hines

If you feel like you can never stay on top of the church year, and all you can do is stand in the breeze of feast days as they rush past then this book is for you! Jenna has put together a wonderful collection of activities that require no planning on your part and that can be done using things that we all have in our homes. When life is crazy (and when is it not) this book makes it easy to inject that liturgical life into your home at a moments notice.

Coloring Pages

Okay, I’m a huge fan of coloring pages, and there are so many amazing ones to choose from! I love that when there’s nothing else you can think of you can usually find a coloring page for the days saint from a talented catholic artist to print off and let the kiddos run with. And maybe do a little coloring yourself… isn’t coloring supposed to relieve stress? Here are links to a few of my favorites:

Delphina Rose Art

(Photos Courtesy of Delphina Rose Art)

Shining Light Dolls

(Photos from

Light of Heaven Coloring Book

(Photo from



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