Makers Gotta Make: Behind the scenes at Meadowcress Boutique

Today I’m sharing a bit about the process behind the items that I make so you can know where they come from, and the people who are part of the process. I value transparency in the brands I buy from and so I want to give you the same!

It all starts with a good base.

Like anything each of my products start with a base. That is, the fabric that I make them from. I’ve settled on several types of fabrics that I now continually draw from, fabrics that I’ve researched a bunch and have found to be on the up and up.

Those fabrics that I rely the most on are: GOTS certified Organic Cotton, Linen and then sometimes a Hemp and Organic Cotton Blend.

Cotton is one of those plants that is usually sprayed with TONS of chemicals to keep it pest free, these chemicals not only contaminate the soil and the water, but also often make the people farming the cotton sick and can also still be on the fibers when you purchase clothing made from that cotton from the store.

Linen and Hemp are both fabrics that don’t need pesticides to flourish and so I feel comfortable using both of those without them necessarily being organic (though sometimes the stars align and I’m able to get my hands on some GOTS linen).

I purchase my fabrics (aside from my custom printed saint fabric) from small shops and I am so happy to be able to support them with my business!


Then comes the design.

Where do my saint designs come from? Sometimes a saint comes to mind and I have an idea for how to portray them in bonnet form right away (as was the case with St. Zelie and Bl. Pier Giorgio) and sometimes it takes a while and help from other to come to the final results.

For my St. Francis and Auspice Maria fabrics I reached out to Marissa of Stella Maris Prints and asked if she’d be interested in designing some fabric with me and for Our Lady of Guadalupe, Kortnee from Studio Senn had just released a beautiful line of fabrics that I was really inspired by.

I spend hours on the internet looking for the perfect fabric to fit my vision. Sometimes I find something right away, but more often I spend a long time searching each of the different fabric shops that I buy from to find something that is just right. In the end the time spent is totally worth it to hold a bonnet or pouch in my hand that is exactly as I envisioned it in my head!

MB4 (2).jpg

Tying it up with a bow.

Lastly everything gets packaged in a 100% recycled mailer from EcoEnclose and sent on its way to you!

I have to be honest, this part of my process that I am still working on. I include hang tags on each of my items, as well as a small postcard with bonnet care and safety instructions. Once I am through with the paper that I have already purchased, I will be looking for better more sustainable ways to include each of these items.



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