My Best Tips for Getting A Good Deal on Ethically Made Clothes

I was needing some new clothes for my girls for the fall. All of their pants had holes in them, the second hand shirts I had purchased last season were falling apart, and I didn't have the time to spend at Once Upon a Child looking for dresses that my dear, sweet daughter could wear both frontwards and backwards (because that's how she roles).

You know I'm obsessed with ethically made pieces, but let me tell you something else: I hardly ever buy them because ummm.... cha-ching. So after hemming and hawing I finally hopped onto the computer to just take a look at some of my favorite brands to see what we could swing. And you know what?! I got an amazing deal.

So I'm hopping on here to finally share my best tips for buying NEW ethically made clothes at a great deal. Because folks, it can be done! (You can go to this post here for a list of my favorite Ethically Made Brands!)


Brands typically give a discount when you first sign up to their email list. TAKE ADVANTAGE of this! And if you love the brand and choose to stay on their list you'll also be the first to know when they are running sales. 


Splurging a little on the basics that you'll wear again and again is a great way to stretch your dollar and also build a super comfortable base for you to accessorize.


Keep an eye out for sales especially as the seasons change! Thinking ahead to next summer, or even better buying a versatile piece that you can wear all year round is a great way to save some money!

Take a look HERE for my absolute favorite ethically made brands for the whole family! They all offer great deals for jumping on their email list and have amazing sales several times a year :) 



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