Starting Something New: Charitable Giving from Meadowcress Boutique

I hope your weekend was good and that you're enjoying the first day of February!

My company, Meadowcress Boutique, has an exciting announcement. Starting this month, I will be donating a portion of our profits to The Children of the Immaculate Heart! Based in southern California, Children of the Immaculate Heart serves the survivors of human trafficking (and their children) by offering shelter, rehabilitation, support, and ministry. And most recently they opened a home for minor girls who have been trafficked as well. The organization helps these victims navigate therapy, re-entry into their lives, job support, and education, among other things. Check out their website for more information on this amazing group!

My family and I have been supporting Children of the Immaculate Heart for years now, but I have decided to expand through Meadowcress Boutique to support their mission. Since the basis of how I choose to do business is to honor the dignity of every human life, I felt that supporting this particular charity was a natural expansion of that mission! What Children of the Immaculate Heart’s is doing is so important, and I feel blessed to have the chance to be a small part of something bigger.

Please reach out to me via email HERE if you have questions or want more information!

I am beyond excited to share this news with you all!



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