Easy Liturgical Living with Little Kids

  • Easy December Liturgical Living Ideas!

    I am so excited for December this year! I know we’ve all been slogging along through a lot of really difficult stuff for most of this year, and I, ...
  • Easy November Liturgical Living Ideas!

    Welcome to November! One of my absolute favorite months of the year actually, I LOVE thanksgiving with a burning passion, and there are so many am...
  • My Best Tips for Getting A Good Deal on Ethically Made Clothes

    You know I'm obsessed with ethically made pieces, but let me tell you something else: I hardly ever buy them because ummm.... cha-ching. So I've put together my best tips for buying NEW ethically made clothes on a budget, just for you! 
  • My Favorite Ethically Made Brands

    I get asked a lot about my favorite ethically made brands. I have several that are my tried and true go-to's when I need something new, and then a bunch that are on my wishlist to buy from in the future! 
  • Nighttime Routine for Busy Moms

    I see you there, about to collapse into bed after a long day of working (weather you stay at home or work at home or work out of the home!). I'm just here to offer a suggestion.
  • A Morning Routine For Busy Moms: Start your day off Right Even even if you don't wake up before the kids.

    Recently I’ve started implementing a morning routine into my day.

    And I have been loving it! So much in fact that I made a free printable Morning Routine Checklist for you to print out and use yourself!

    And checklist is all well and good, but I also wanted to take a minute to sit down and share with you the specifics of what I do for each item on that list to hopefully give you some concrete way to center your day on prayer and peace.

  • Liturgical Living - A How-To

    You’ve probably heard about the term liturgical living. It’s kind of a catholic buzzword right now… But what’s the point, and why wou...
  • Makers Gotta Make: Behind the scenes at Meadowcress Boutique

    What goes into making your clothes? Not something that we usually think about, at least I know I didn’t. I saw a good deal and I was thrilled...
  • Making Lent Meaningful with Babies

    Lent, lent, lent. It’ll be here before before you can say nap time, and I don’t want to enter into the season leading up to the the MOST importa...
  • Toddler Gift Guide

    I don’t know about you but I find toddlers so hard to shop for! They like to open presents, but as soon as the gift is open they lose interest. ...
  • How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe For Your Baby

    Is there anything cuter than baby clothes? No, no, no and nope. But have you ever had the problem where you have so many baby clothes that your little darling grows out of a size before they can even wear all of their outfits? *raises hand*


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