-The Mission-

Empowering moms of littles to break through the overwhelm of the toddler years and discover their faith anew alongside their kids.

-Why I'm Here-

I see you mama, wading through a pile of diapers, half eaten fruit, and lots of little pieces of paper that your toddler lovingly cut up and sprinkled about the house.

Not only are you trying to keep your kiddos alive, but you're also trying to give them some kind of introduction to the faith that you love! This isn't any easy task; especially with our good "friends" overwhelm and mom guilt coming in to ruin the party as we try to work our kids through activities that are meant for kids several years older than they are, or just give up completely because the church doesn't really give us much of a road map as far as catechizing our littlest kiddos. 

-I'm So Glad to Meet You!-

I'm Kathleen!

Mom of three (4, 2 and 10 months), Catholic, Wife and creator behind Meadowcress Boutique. 

I was (and sometimes still am) the mom I described above. Overwhelmed, guilt ridden, and searching and praying for some way that I could take an active role in teaching my girls about Jesus, Mary, and the saints. I wasn't making space for myself to pray and I was struggling.

With lots of small baby steps I started to integrate liturgical living into our families life and it's been hard to stop! At first I felt like I was floundering, faking it even, but then I started to see the fruits of our efforts.

  • Seeing our girls remember and pray the Divine Mercy prayers with us before we have our tea time each day has been amazing.
  • Watching them light up when we read saint stories to them is so cool!
  • And when they stop to say a “Hail Mary” in front of any statue that looks remotely like Mary, it melts my heart to see that relationship growing.

I'm passionate about two things:

  1. Prayer time for mamas
  2. Liturgical living for families

These are the easiest ways to show your kiddos that their relationship with God is important and to ground your family in the the faith. Making use of the tools at our disposal (art, stories, movies and videos, picture books, music, etc.) is not some half-hearted attempt to teach theology to our smallest children, it's the foundation that their understanding and experiences of God further down the road will be built upon. 

My deepest hope is that the products and resources I offer here put you at ease when it comes to passing on the faith to your little ones. I hope that they support you in your motherhood, whether that be through helping you find space to pray, liturgical living activities (for littles!) or via helpful tips and resources that help you navigate the crazy that motherhood brings.

-Ready to Dive In?-

A great place to start is in Liturgical Living with Littles which is a FREE email program that was born from my experience of liturgical living with my own little ones. Imagine liturgical living for the whole year, already planned out and delivered weekly directly to your inbox, that's Liturgical Living with Littles! It includes activities, snack ideas, coloring pages, book lists, saint stories and other resources all geared toward kids ages 2-6. Sign up HERE, I'd love to have you join us! 




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