Holy Cards for Little Hands FAQ's

  • Some of your holy cards feel different from others that I've ordered.

Starting with my July holy cards I began using a new supplier for my holy cards. Because of this lovers of Holy Cards for Little Hands will notice some differences between these new cards and previous cards that they have ordered. Especially with the thickness/bend-ability of the cards, even though both suppliers print on 18pt. paper and use similar coatings and laminations the cards from my new supplier don't feel as think as they did previously.

  • Why did you switch suppliers?

For a while I was on the lookout for a supplier that would offer better bulk pricing for Holy Cards for Little Hands. I was looking for a new supplier because even while charging $15 per set of holy cards I still wasn't making enough to sustain making holy cards with my old supplier... The cards were THAT expensive. 

Switching suppliers allows me to not only offer the cards to you at a better price, but also allows my business to better support my family. 

  • Can my one-year-old use Holy Cards for Little Hands?

Holy Cards for Little Hands are designed for young kids ages 3+. This is because once a child has reached this age they are out of the "put everything in your mouth" stage as well as having better control over their hands to not bend the cards on purpose.

These cards are much more sturdy than your average holy cards, but aren't indestructible.

  • Why don't you laminate the Holy Cards?

Because children's products are so highly regulated when it comes to safety any kind of lamination requires lab testing for heavy metals. This is extremely expensive and is out of reach for my small shop. My holy card supplier has a CPSC compliant soft-touch lamination that I use on my holy cards. This is different from your typical plastic lamination in that it doesn't fully encase the card, but offers a delightful soft-touch and protective coating on the front and back on the card.

  • What size are the holy cards?

Each holy card measures 4x6 inches.

  • How are these holy cards different from regular holy cards?

Holy Cards for Little Hands are made from 18pt. card stock paper (that's over 2 times thicker than the card stock you buy at the office supply store!) with a soft-touch lamination on the front and back of the holy card. This coating offers some protection to the card while also making it absolutely delightful to touch and hold.

The images on the front of the cards are specifically designed to make each saint look like they are friendly and ready to lead your little one closer to God.

The stories on the back are written with young children in mind. Each one takes the saints life and boils it down to the way that this particular saint loved and brought others closer to God. They are written to inspire your children to love God just like their new saint friend does.



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