Liturgical Living With Littles

Liturgical Living can be a challenge. There are so many things throughout the week that you are keeping track of. Getting kids to school on time. Making sure that you remember to go grocery shopping. Keeping on top of laundry and other household tasks that keep everything running smoothly.

I get it! Maybe you don’t want to tack on another thing to do. Or maybe you do, but you don’t feel like it’s possible with the way life is right now.

Here is what I know: When we’ve taken the time to incorporate liturgical living into our lives (particularly in a way that’s meaningful for our girls) we’ve SEEN THE FRUITS.

Seeing our girls remember and pray the Divine Mercy prayers with us before we have our tea time each day has been amazing.

Watching them light up when we read saint stories to them is so cool!

And when they stop to say a “Hail Mary” in front of any statue that looks remotely like Mary, it melts my heart to see that relationship growing.

They love it, and it inspires me to dive deeper into my own faith so that I have more to give them.

Being Catholic isn’t supposed to be just a Sunday thing, that it seeps into every aspect of our lives. And celebrating the church year in a way that is tangible (especially for our young kids) is one way to do this. 

I have been thinking a lot about how we integrate the faith into our own home and wanted to create a sustainable way for you to practice liturgical living too!

This is how Liturgical Living with Littles was born!

A year of Liturgical Living one week at a time.

What is Liturgical Living with Littles?

A FREE email series (!!!) starting in November that will help you to start practicing liturgical living on a weekly basis in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

  • One monthly email with:

    • an overview of the feast days you can expect during the month.

    • the devotion of the month with a simple way to integrate it into your day.

    • supplies needed for simple activities for each of the saints we are celebrating.

    • links to add feast day reminders to your calendar.

  • One email per week with:

    • the saint of the week.

    • a simple activity to do with your kids to help them learn about that saint.

    • a tea time treat suggestion to share.

    • the story of the saint to tell your kids while you eat your treat.

    • resources for further reading or other activities because I know when one of my girls attaches to a saint (or maybe the saint attaches to them) we need to do all the things :)

I would love to have you join me this year on a journey of learning and a deeper practice of our amazing faith!

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